Ecotourism & Sportfishing in Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

General information about your stay & Tortuguero

Thank you for booking with us. Here is some more information to help with your trip: To confirm, we ask that you visit the “rates & booking” page on our website and make a 40% deposit through the Paypal link (please also include the date of your stay with us. Please also let us know when you’ve done so, since sometimes the names used in a Paypal account are different from the booking name). We ask that you make this deposit within 7 days of this letter so we know you’re coming. Because we have no bank here it’s very important that you bring enough cash to pay your balance. (we don’t take credit cards).

If possible, you could also let us know how/when you are getting here.

Please also let us know how many adults and children (i.e,. how many beds will you need?) are in your party so we can prepare the cabins accordingly. Here is some information that should help you plan your trip and help us make you more comfortable:

Local area notes

MONEY: You can pay your balance in dollars or colones on arrival. There are no banks or ATMs here. Very few businesses in town accept credit cards (we don’t either). We prefer colones but dollars are fine. Please make sure the dollars are in good condition, with no writing, or even the tiniest rip or tear, as the banks and stores here will not accept cash with ANY damage or writing on it. (If you are arriving late at the airport in San Jose and have an early departure the next morning, you can use the ATM there to get some colones do not use the money exchange there, their rates are terrible).

AT THE LODGE: We are a short, $2pp water taxi ride from the village (we are on the other side of the river).

WILDLIFE: If you spend time exploring here you can see nearly all the wildlife that lives in the park (except things like caiman and river turtles). Guests often say they saw more here, and closer, than on their tours.

FOOD: Breakfast is included in your stay here (usually around 7, but at whatever time in the morning you choose; coffee is usually ready before 6). But, if you’re hungry it’s not a bad idea to grab a bite to eat at any one of the little restaurants in the village when you arrive, and pick up anything you might want to eat over here. There’s an excellent fruit & veg place right at the muelle (where the boats land), open every day except Saturday. Las Tortugas is the biggest grocery store and accepts credit cards. There is also a pretty good butcher shop behind the grocery store “Super Nicarao”. Our shared kitchen is well-stocked with spices, oil, etc. and of course it is for your use.

WIFI: This is available at certain locations on the property. Because of our solar system sometimes the internet is a bit spotty, but there are many places in the village with normal with normal wifi.

BRING A GOOD FLASHLIGHT (or two): Our power is solar so you’ll need a flashlight at night (there is electricity in the cabins but not outside). It’s also good for spotting different wildlife at night.

WATER: All our water is safe to drink.

Booking Note

Please note that we are not located in the village itself - our two hectares of jungle are about a two-minute taxi ride from the center of town, on a sort of peninsula, like several of the other jungle lodges. There are always taxis available, though if you're doing a midnight turtle tour it's better to make arrangements for that just before the tour. There is more information about getting here at the bottom of this page.

Standard Rates

Including Breakfast

  • Cabina 1: 1 double, 1 bunk bed (2 singles)
  • Cabina 2: 1 double, 3 single beds
  • Cabina 3: 1 double, 1 single bed

Per Cabina:

  • single occupancy: $50
  • double occupancy: $60
  • triple occupancy: $65
  • quadruple occupancy: $70
  • 5 people: $75

Price does not include 13% tax.

Check In/Out

Check-in is at 12:00 noon, check out is at 11:00 a.m. We can often be flexible with these times, depending on when people are leaving.


Fishing in Sabaloco is $500 a day (including lunch & refreshments), $350 for a half day (refreshments).

Tours & Travel Info

TOURS: If you arrive by boat you’ll be approached by various guides offering tours. It can be a little overwhelming. You are welcome to make a booking with any one of them, or, if you prefer, you can wait until you get here to make a decision, we’re happy to help and it is easy to arrange once you get here. You may be told that the 6:00 a.m.. tour is the best but that is not our experience, it can be just as good at 8:30 or even 2:30 (and more pleasant in terms of sleeping and also enjoying the morning birds around here). TYPICAL TORTUGUERO VISIT: If you are here for two nights (and essentially one full day), a typical day is as follows: Start a relaxed morning here with early coffee and the chance to see various birds and possibly animals. Take an 8:30 canoe tour of the canals; part of the tour price includes a park pass which is good for one day. After the canoe tour, explore the village and beach, have a bite to eat, and then perhaps a walk in the national park (the entrance is at the south end of the village, everything is close here). Then either eat or bring back some food to eat here; take a taxi at the Muelle to get back here, $2 pp

TOURS OFFERED: Night walks: $20 per person. Guided night walks on our property, where you can see some incredible insects, as well as frogs, lizards, and mammals. Fishing in Sabaloco: Fishing in our ocean-going boat for tarpon and other species of fish is an unforgettable experience. See website for prices. We have a canoe which you are welcome to use at no cost.

TRAVEL: Here's some general information about getting here. If you are able, please let us know a few days before you arrive how you are getting to Tortuguero so we know when to expect you.

ARRIVING IN TORTUGUERO: If you are flying into Costa Rica the night before an early departure for Tortuguero it’s a good idea to pack a little clothing and any medications or important items in your carry-on; if your bags don’t make it they won’t deliver them to Tortuguero. There’s an ATM in the airport.

BY BOAT: If you’re arriving by boat you’ll land at the muelle (boat dock area), where the guide information station and taxi boats are. This is where you get a water taxi to our lodge. The charge is usually 1,000 colones ($2) per person. There are often discounts for small children.

FLYING: Let us know if you are flying in and we’ll arrange a taxi boat to meet you ($10 per person). Note that if you are flying into Tortuguero you will arrive early in the morning and your room may not be ready. Breakfast is available for $5 per person. You can store your bags and explore our place or go to the village for a few hours.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Buses for Guapiles & Cariari leave the Caribeno bus station in San Jose. Bus from Cariari to La Pavona four times daily: 5:50, 9:00, 11:30, 3:00. (there will be a public boat waiting). Boat La Pavona to Tortuguero: 7:30 a.m., 11:00, 1:00, 4:30. Boat from Tortuguero to La Pavona: 5:30, 9:00, 11:00, 2:45. (there will be a bus waiting to go to Cariari). If you are driving your own vehicle, there is secure parking at La Pavona. There is also a small restaurant and bar. If you arrive at La Pavona after 4:30 you probably won’t find a boat to Tortuguero and will have to spend the night in Cariari. We recommend Hotel Vista al Tortuguero, it is comfortable, inexpensive, very clean and quiet. NOTE: If you happen to arrive at La Pavona early (or late) for a public boat, there are usually independent boats around which will take you to Tortuguero for between $4 and $10. (The same is not true of leaving Tortuguero; a private boat from Tortuguero runs about $60).

IF YOU MISS THE BOAT: If you miss the last boat from La Pavona to Tortuguero you will have to go back to Cariari and spend the night. I recommend Hotel Vista al Tortuguero, it’s inexpensive, quiet and clean.

PRIVATE SHUTTLE & BOAT TO TORTUGUERO FROM SAN JOSE: Check for more information. You can also usually arrange a shuttle van with your San Jose or Alajuela hotel; it’s about $160 and is nice for larger groups.

IF YOU HAVE A RENTAL CAR: There is secure parking at La Pavona.

TORTUGUERO TO ARENAL: There are companies which offer a shuttle & boat service, usually around $55 per person. You can book online with .

TORTUGUERO TO MOIN & POINTS SOUTH There are various boats to Moin (the port of Limon) including Caribe Shuttle; they usually leave at 10:00 and the trip is around 4 hours. There are also private options available with local taxi drivers. Once you get to Moin there will be collectivo taxes which cost about $10 pp to Cahuita and $15 pp to Puerto Viejo.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds: - If your cancellation request is received 60 days or more before booking date you will be refunded the deposit minus 10% handling fee. - If your cancellation request is received 30 days or more before booking date you will be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee. -If your cancellation request is received less than 30 days before booking date you will ONLY be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee IF we are able to rent the accommodation for that same period of time. - If you cancel less than a week before arrival there is no refund, unless I am able to rent out the room in that time.

Reminder & Extra Info

IMPORTANT REMINDER! Please note there are no ATMs or banks in Tortuguero. Please be sure to bring enough cash.

There is a lot of good information on our community website:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Payment Information

We ask for downpayment by e-transfer or Paypal and the balance cash, in either dollars or colones, on arrival.

Refund Policy

- If your cancellation request is received 60 days or more before booking date you will be refunded the deposit minus 10% handling fee.

- If your cancellation request is received 30 days or more before booking date you will be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee.

-If your cancellation request is received les than 30 days before booking date you will ONLY be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee IF we are able to rent the accommodation for that same period of time.

If you cancel one week or less before there is no refund.

We strongly recommend that fishermen take out trip insurance, including cancellation insurance, in their home countries. Compared to the cost of a trip this is not high, and in our many years of experience in this industry we can attest that on the rare occasions when something goes wrong (if for example you must cancel due to illness), it is absolutely worth it.

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