Ecotourism & Sportfishing in Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Toucan & Tarpon Costa Rica Lodge

Imagine waking up with a family of howler monkeys busy feeding in the canopy above your head. You walk out of your cozy cabin to the kitchen and pass a few toucans, harvesting fruits and berries within a few meters. With a mug of delicious Costa Rican coffee you wander around the grounds, taking in the jungle experience. Hummingbirds are whirring past your head, an amazing variety of butterflies are flitting among the tropical flowers, a basilisk lizard is sunning itself by the river. 

Perhaps today you have a canoe tour of the canals, or maybe you are going fishing and hoping to latch on to a huge tarpon or a big jack crevalle. Perhaps tonight you'll experience the magic of viewing green turtles nesting after their long journey across the ocean. Or maybe you’ll just lie in a hammock and catch up on holiday reading. Toucan and Tarpon lodge is the perfect place to relax and recharge while living the dream of living side by side with nature.

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Toucan & Tarpon Lodge
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Why Choose Toucan & Tarpon

Toucan & Tarpon Lodge is unique in Tortuguero. We are a small, intimate lodge and offer personalized service. Although we are only minutes from the charm and amenities of the village, we're a little "off the grid", with our own solar power and water. The 5 acre site is mostly untouched forest - with even more on either side of us - and is filled with the amazing diversity of life that makes Tortuguero National Park so special. We have a wealth of trees producing fruits and seeds that attract large numbers of birds and monkeys - we like to joke that it is like living in the park itself, but in fact it's true. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to care for and nurture this truly special place and are confident our guests will feel the same way.

Experience Costa Rica

Situated on 5 acres of Costa Rican rainforest, across the river from the village of Tortuguero. With only three cabinas, Toucan & Tarpon offers a much more intimate setting than most jungle lodges, and at an affordable price. Here, you are much more likely to get up close and personal with the birds, reptiles, monkeys and other animals that make this part of Costa Rica such a special place.

Journey into Nature

Tortuguero - the name of the village can be more or less translated as “place of the turtles” - is a small village nestled between the Rio Tortuguero, the Caribbean Sea, and Tortuguero National Park. The park is home to an incredible variety of species of plants and animals, and the long beach, which stretches almost as far as the port of Limon to the south, is a vitally important nesting beach for the green turtle, as well as three other species of turtle including the enormous leatherback. The village economy is based almost entirely on eco-tourism. Most visitors come for a few days, enjoying canoe tours, walks in the national park (wear your boots!), turtle tours with licensed guides, and of course, fishing.